Monday, April 25, 2011

My new friend Tom

I've been told that while living on your own, you often acquire more stuff than you realize or desire.  I learned this first hand when I made that final move from college and discovered I had more shoes, clothes, and furniture than I knew what to do with.

But one piece of "furniture" I thought I'd never acquire - a drum.  Em came home one night last week heavy laden with a mid tom from a drum set.  A co-worker had given it to her stating someone was giving it away and he thought she might like it.

Tom has seemed to find a permanent residence in the space between the kitchen table and the desk in the entry way/living room/dining area of the apartment.  I've taken to beating on him when I need luck while Em finds it more therapeutic to give him a few knocks when she's frustrated.  Who knew his rustic appearance and baritone voice would have won us over so easily.

Moving out, I knew I'd acquire more material things than I wanted, which is a bit annoying as I was hoping moving into a smaller place would help me downsize and be more choosy when making purchases.  Despite how it might sound, Tom is a welcome addition to our new place.  (I'm thinking we should get visitors to sign him in Sharpie).  After all, it's not often a new guy comes into your life, is always there when you need him, and willing sits while you beat him.  I think this could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

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