A house should protect the dreamer.  

- Gaston Bachelard

I have this theory that all of life is lived between walls.

These can be the literal walls of our house or work, and even the metaphorical walls of our state and country.

There are also the emotional walls we as humans put around ourselves.  Protection and barriers to who we really are.  Sometimes we recognize these facades, and sometimes we don't.

This space is my story.  A record of a life lived between all the walls I find myself behind.  

A place to reflect on the gifts received each day.  A place to begin to break down all the barriers that hold us to ourselves.

It is my story as I try to make my place in the world, and all the adventures, thoughts, and fears that come along for the journey.

It is the story of a fumbling educator, as I work to help my students find their place in the world as I simultaneously search for mine.  It is a record of travel and dreams, of laughter and learning that comes with life.

I don't promise perfection.  I don't promise insight.  

I don't even promise that it will be any good.

But I do promise it will be true.