Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love [begins] blind

Last night provided a much needed break from my normal routine.  Instead of attending a meeting or get-together of some variety (like I did literally every night last week), I spent the evening chatting it up with a stranger on a blind date.  He's not a total stranger I guess, but rather a co-worker of one of my good friends who treated me with drinks and dinner.  We gallivanted downtown, played some pool (where I proved myself a worthy opponent), and delved into some pretty intense conversational topics.  And I was out past my bedtime.  All in all a good night.

It was exciting meeting up with someone I didn't know (and who I'm fairly certain I'll never see again, seeing as how he's headed up north for a new job tomorrow), and of course it's always nice to get to talk about yourself with someone you don't know.  You get that chance to present yourself in your best light, omitting some things and making yourself seem as you wish you were.  Not only did the evening present me with a chance to meet someone new but I also tried some new things, including calamari and mixing jack and ginger ale (both good choices).

While it was a successful evening and I had a good time, there were some topics we clearly disagreed on (topics I'm not willing to bend with).  But I think it's ok, maybe in some cases better, to be able to more readily describe undesirable qualities in a mate than something you'd enjoy.  I know what I'm not looking for, but whoever I'm fortunate enough to share life with will surely have qualities that surprise and delight me daily, qualities I didn't even know I wanted in a husband.

It was refreshing to be pursued, albeit for a short time, and treated to a night out.  Here's to another life experience, another story to tell.  (On that note, I promise that 30 before 30 list is coming soon!)

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