Thursday, March 10, 2011


I made dinner again tonight (second time this week!).  Tuesday night Katrina and I made chili, which might just be the easiest thing ever.  Then tonight I had fish, rice and veggies.  It was super easy and super good.  My secret?  Frozen fish and veggies.  Although I would love one day soon to learn to cook these multicolored beans from fresh produce, the frozen variety will have to work for now. 

While I have finally gotten comfortable with the oven, I still find myself calling mom asking her for advice.  Tonight the question was whether a cookie sheet would suffice for the fish, as I was without the shallow baking pan cited in the directions.  But despite this minor substitution, everything finished cooking at the same time (a skill I am far from mastering).  I am also convinced that some cooking magic still resides in my grandma's pots and pans.  She was one of the best cooks and I like to think that I inherited a bit of that talent (or maybe the pots are just lucky).

An added bonus to help make today fabulous - I won breakfast at work tomorrow for having the highest referral rate among the newbies!  Now, take a look at tonight's dinner and try not to be jealous. 

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