Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Welcome to Adulthood

Tonight was the first night in the apartment where I made a dinner that required more than a microwave.  I channeled the talents of my grandmother, hoping some of whatever it was that made her cooking so good was still left in the pots.  The final product - Tyson frozen chicken nuggets and Kroger mac and cheese.  Heaven.  It probably took me 15 minutes to boil the water, and I started the oven about 3 times before finally calling mom and promptly announcing "I don't know how to work my oven."  Her response, laughter.  Gee, thanks mom.  At my busiest moment, I was on the phone with mom, sirring boiling pasta, checking two timers and preparing to open the oven to turn the chicken.  I didn't sit down to eat until almost 8:30 and it was 9 o'clock before the dishes were washed and the leftovers put away.  Being an adult is rough.

A second notable apartment adventure - laundry.  I waited a little over two weeks before doing laundry and set aside a Saturday to sort though it all.  My first load I sorted and loaded, and stepped back to survey my options, before realizing I'd made a fatal mistake (Ok, not really fatal but that makes it sound more dramatic).  After putting my clothes in the washer I poured my liquid detergent into the drain-compartment-thing, a normal next step when doing laundry at my parents house.  Come to find out, that drain-compartment-thing had a label...Liquid Bleach Only.  Crap.  On the upside, an extra rinse seemed to take care of the problem (at least it was an easy fix and not really a fatal mistake) and the washer held way more clothes than I thought, so the whole ordeal ended up taking half as long as I thought it would. 

Hopefully these risky undertakings have kept you smiling.  Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts on my first ballet class and a special joint post with Em.

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