Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reality checks #1 and #2

"Moving is something to be enjoyed" - Daphne Moon, Frasier

Even though I've only been ending my day in a new location for slightly more than a week, my expectations are already being changed.  I'm still not totally moved in, and this only adds to the feeling of being in transition (Just in case you were wondering, the quote is purely for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as an accurate record of my thoughts on the subject).  Hopefully this feeling will leave soon, and when it goes I can regain use of the backseat of my car.

My first reality check is the fact that Em and I almost never see each other.  With me training for a new job and her working the opening shift, we're on opposite schedules.  She's up and gone before I get up and then it seems to vary on who gets home before 9:00.  The good news is we do see each other enough to keep informed on comings and goings.  This is hopefully going to change in the next few weeks, but once I finish training, we'll be the exact opposite of what we are now, with me out the door before she stirs.

Despite these mismatched schedules, we did enjoy our first sit down dinner together, both of us, hot food, no tv.  We had spaghetti and salad (and the best crunchy bread I think I've ever had - I'm still not over it), and it was all kinds of cute.  We actually got to talk and catch up a bit on each others lives.  This is, at least to my knowledge, only the second time we've dirtied up significant pots and plates.  I had always hoped the kitchen would be used consistently but I think that's out of the question until we get more settled into a routine.

After dinner we went downstairs and introduced ourselves to Ms. Ross, the neighbor who left pears for us a week ago. 


We sat in her living room and talked a bit about what's going on in our lives and she showed us around her apartment.  She talked about her two daughters (one of whom I'm certain would know my aunt - small world) and her grandchildren with great pride.  Before we left she gave us three wine glasses and a glass pitcher.  She said she was preparing of a party tomorrow night and found that she had extras.  She was warm and genuine and let's face it, Em and I are always down for a good party.  I think we'll be good friends.

Ok, I promised two reality checks, so here you go - grocery shopping is not all I imagined it to be.  I've never grocery shopped for substantial food before, and I have a new respect for all those mothers out there (including my own) who provide hot meals every night and keep the pantry well stocked.  Living in a residence hall in college meant that all my main meals were provided for me and any food I kept in the room was mostly snacky food with little nutritional value.  However, not only do I have to learn how to navigate the aisles at Kroger, I also have to think about healthy eating (especially since my new job has me sitting for 8 hours). 

On the up side (I like to end on a positive note), it's starting to feel more natural ending my days here and I can't wait until Em and I settle into a more regular routine.  Hopefully our attempts will not be foiled by a snow day tomorrow.  Although I won't lie, we're already planning skipping work and taking a walk in the snow (maybe).

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