Sunday, February 13, 2011

Middle school thoughts

Today has been a crazy day, even though my calendar normally says "day off".  I taught Sunday school, hosted a chat session with Em and a mutual friend, prepped my ballet lesson for tomorrow, and led at a middle school youth group.  But this post isn't supposed to be me whining about my busy day; rather, I wanted to take a moment to comment on the intellegence and insight of kids (something I think we miss a good bit of the time).

The project and talking points for last week's youth group included making a bouncy ball out of 6 household ingredients and touching on the miracle of creation.  The kids were able to compare the balls, made with only a few ingredients, to people, who are made with hundreds of "ingredients" and are infinitely more complex.  Tonight, we made valentines for the Rescue Mission (one of the leaders is going to speak tomorrow evening and will take them with her).  All throughout the project I was trying to come up with an easily understandable way to connect creation and the making of valentines.  Here are some of the thoughts the kids shared:

"We created the cards."
"We were created out of love, just like we created the valentines out of love."
"We all used the same paper, glue, and glitter but none of our valentines look the same."
"We are giving love like the love God gives to us."

Wow.  I just love these kids and I'm amazed (pretty much weekly) at their depth and insight into the world.  I was even more touched that when we prayed together, so many of the kids prayed for the people that would get their cards tomorrow.  I don't recall being that aware of the rest of the world at that age.  I think I often forget that in an age run by computers and cell phones, where countless hours are spent in front of a screen, that kids have a lot more to say than we give them the time or space to express. 

Let's not discount this generation - they have a lot more to say than we realize.

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