Saturday, August 27, 2011

Free as a bird!

I have a rare thing today:  a free Saturday.  Not just a Saturday, but a whole weekend actually.  Although I don't work, there's still lots going on.  On the list include:
  • Night out with my good friend Tim - done!
  • Shopping with Tim for new clothes - done!
  • Closing out my Thirty One Fundraiser - done!
  • Shopping for Ethiopia with Em
  • Baseball game (second to last one of the season)
  • Church on Sunday
  • Meeting with two ladies about Ethiopia
  • Fall kick off event at my other church
  • Loving some kids at St. Johns
  • Preparing for the week ahead
  • Bowling and general merry-making with friends
There's also some not fun things on that list like:
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Vacuum
  • Do the dishes
  • Shop for groceries
  • Figure out meals for the next week or two
So far, though, things are shaping up nicely.  Although I'm making sure to pack this weekend full of things I want to do, I probably really should take a small break and relax.  Starting next week, I'm training in another department at work, which will increase my weekly hours closer to 40.  I'm excited about it but it will leave less time for planning for after school, which is really my main focus these days.  Next week 20 elementary school students (in groups at least) are responsible for making their own snack, as well as getting along with each other and trying not to get swim privledges taken away from them.  Phew!

Sitting down to look at it all makes me feel busy but blessed.  Time to start checking things off that list - hopefully Irene doesn't have any remnants that ruin baseball plans (we're not supposed to get anything but I guess you never can tell).

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