Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Goin' to the Chapel

On Sunday I got to celebrate the wedding of my college friend Lauren.  Her and Jared had an outside wedding Sunday evening; the rain held out and it was absolutely beautiful.

I first met Lauren when she came to tour the campus residence halls as a transfer student.  I took her and her family around to see different dorms and tried to provide advice on things to bring to school (one of my favorite parts of that job).  Lauren immediately struck me as someone I'd like to be friend with, and we often ran into each other in the art building.  She became an RA in 2009, after I'd left, and was awesome at her job.

Watching the little bit of the romance between her and Jared that I've been privileged to has been a blessing.  They are truly meant to be together and its clear that her quiet and demure personality compliments his outgoing tendencies perfectly.  Congratulations to Lauren and Jared, maybe you enjoy many years of life, love, and laughter shared together.

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