Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Work Woes

It's sad that the first thing that makes me want to blog is a bad phone call at work.  Actually, I've had a few ideas in the 15 days since my last entry, but nothing has materialized.  I spent almost a week feeling like I was coming down with some sort of yucky sickness, but that seemed to have passed.  I was hoping to have a witty, photo-filled entry from the housewarming party Em and I had with some of my (former) co-workers, but I ended up having to bail on that because I was feeling so gross.  I had spent a few days at home after mom and I went to the Brad Paisley concert the other weekend, and ended up going back once I started feeling bad.  But, let's get back to the meat and potatoes of this entry...

I had the first really bad call since I started at this new job.  It wasn't even the fact that the lady was very sternly and loudly stating her side of things, but more the fact that I felt powerless to help her.  I'm still new and while there's a lot of things I know, there's a lot of things I don't.  While this woman was asserting her view, I was desperately searching for a way to ease her distress and it wasn't until 15 minutes into the one-sided conversation that I realized I'd been looking in the wrong place the whole time.  Damn.  I could have saved her a lot of frustration and me a few seconds of ashamedly watering eyes if I had just known where to look.  Luckily I was able to compose myself without drawing attention to those outside of my cubicle.  Normally I don't let the bad calls get to me but something about this one was different.  Hopefully this is not an occurrence that repeats itself often.

On a lighter note, I did get a rather humorous call earlier in the day.  An older gentleman called in with some basic questions, which I was able to answer for him.  As I was wrapping things up, he told me I had a very pleasant demeanor and told me to keep it up.  He then proceeded to ask where I was located, so I told him VA, to which he stated "Well, sounds like I've got to get myself down to VA."  And I thought this job would be boring -

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