Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New year, new adventures

"It's about choosing your path and being committed to it" -Mary Horowitz, All About Steve

I started this blog to document all the crazy things associated with living.  We live 98% of our lives between walls, whether physical or metaphorical, and I wanted this to be a small piece of the electronic world where I could leave my thoughts - and you could leave yours.

I recently changed the physical walls I live between and hope to use this to document all the crazy goings on.  At 24 I am finally out there, on my own, trying my hardest to be an adult.  Tonight marks the second night in a new apartment.  New apartment, new roommate, new job, new...life.  Last night, new roommate Em and I watched a movie and drank some wine to christen our new space.  Super cute and super fun. 

Let's start this first entry putting out there some of the expectations I have about this new stage. 
1.  We're going have people over like every night.
2.  I'm going to discover I have an natural inclination toward cooking and/or baking.
3.  We are not going to sit in front on the t.v. but rather expand our minds with books and deep, meaningful conversations.
4.  I will try my hand at interior decorating and, again, discover I'm very talented.
5.  Em and I will spend nights after work together, perhaps partaking in many of the above activities.
6.  This new found freedom will suddenly make me more appealing to the opposite sex.

And this is just a start.  I'm sure more expectations will surface while old ones are shattered with harsh reality checks.  Regardless, I look forward to growing in this new space.

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  1. you're really cute, mags. <3
    (this is katie wimmer idk if you would know that without me telling you even though leaving my last name is so awk, oops!!)