Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Little bliss list

I read on another blog recently ( - check her out!) this idea of a little bliss list each week.  So I started doing it, keeping a list on my iPod, because I almost always have that with me, and turning it into art on Sundays.  Here are some highlights from last week's list...

Recycling crayons for our art/science project.

I. Love. Buttons.

So many pretty colors.  Too bad I don't sew (yet).

I wonder how many places these suitcases have seen...

This spot of sun is one of my favorites in the whole apt.  Always warm

Add to that list:
  • spending an hour browsing in an antique shop just because
  • art inspiration
  • dancing
  • prepping for the kids art project at 9:30am one morning last week
  • reading
  • the sound of kid's laughing (or really anyone for that matter)
  • making pizzas at home with good friends
  • cloudless skies
  • beautiful and wise ladies you meet in life at random but who give you exactly what you need right then (and it wasn't something you went into the store to get)
  • middle schoolers who share their books with you - and attach little notes to each one

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