Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fall Photo Dump

So I realize it's been forever since I've done a legitimate post.  At this point I figured, why break the trend?  So in an effort to get my act together, I'm summarizing the fall in photos.  More Ethiopia posts coming soon - right now I'm swimming in lesson plans for work but those should be out of my hair in the next few days.  So, please except my apologies and enjoy  --

The art wall for the kid's drawings at work.  There will be a DIY post soon...
October DC weekend with a fantastic college friend of mine.  Rocking a new dress and getting ready to hit the town
Part of a happy meal consumed during DC weekend.  The french fries were 100 calories but when compared with the size of the toy, I'm not sure it was a win.
Laying everything out for my Ethiopia trip.  Kind of amazed it all fit in my small pack.
Pajama day with the elementary schoolers and some pretty sweet staff
Halloween not-so-scary monsters inspired by Pink and Green Mama
Coat sorting with the Friday Night Youth in early November
Rainbow shoes.  I work with kids partially because it gives me a license to wear brightly colored clothing
Thanksgiving weekend bonfire
First apartment christmas trees - ornaments coming soon!

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