Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Rivah 2011

The last few days were spent relaxing at the Rappahannock River at my aunt and uncle's place. I got to spend lots of time reading, practice my photography (something I've wanted to get back into), and chatting with family and friends. Here are some photos to help with the recap:

The sunsets were totally worth catching.  I made it to one every night except Monday night - a storm shut down our beach cookout party, so there was no sunset that I could see.  This one and the one following were from the 1st.

This is one of my favorites and was taken on the 2nd.

Here's Aunt Patty and the next door neighbor blowing bubbles.  Super fun times were had by all.

Taken at the Marina on the 2nd I think.

Boats and sunsets - that's how you know it's the Rivah

Some of Aunt Patty's beautiful flowers.

Golf carts are the main form of transportation, and you'll often see 10 or more at various locations around the grounds during the sunsets.  During the fireworks on the 3rd, there were at least 50 crammed in to watch.

On the 3rd every year, the community across the river pool their funds and shoot off fireworks for the campground.  There are just a few shots.  The show probably lasted about 15 minutes and the fireworks were pretty good size for being bought personally.  I really like this shot because it shows the boat too.

In the lower right corner you can get just a peek of all the carts that came out for the show.

Cake pops my aunt and I made.  Super easy recipe, and you can make them in a lot of different designs.  We tried to inject them with frosting but haven't gotten that down quite yet.  Super yummy regardless.

Dad and I on the jet ski.  This was the "before" picture.  The "after" picture ended with me sans sunglasses and a wet head from where the whole thing flipped over on us.  I lost my shades and almost my shoes but thank goodness Crocs float!  Dad got picked on for the rest of the trip, with neighbors calling him "flip" and "turtle".

The trip normally takes right at 4 hours to get there, but on the way home we ran into some random traffic on the interstate.  It was one of those things where you stop and creep along, then get back up to speed with no apparent reason as to why you had to stop.  We ended up taking a route through more towns, which I enjoyed, but it delayed us just a bit.  I am super glad to be getting back into a routine, and was excited to sleep in my own bed last night (only the second time I've been there for the last 2.5 weeks). 

Now it's time to play catch up and check some things off my to-do list. 

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